Monday, June 27, 2011

Brit Update

So I mentioned briefly in a post a few days ago about Brit's obsession with Pixel. I thought I had it fixed once already. When I first got Brit I knew right away there was going to be an issue. She would follow her room to room, in the yard I couldn't even get her attention. So they were seperated. No off leash runs with Brit and we did TONS of recall work, and focus. Which was great- and has payed off immensley. Brit has the best recall of any dog I've ever had.

Now that I could get her attention and call her away from the obsession (Pixel) I started letting them have free yard time, and off leash runs again. Ha! Now it appears as though I am back to square one. The only difference is that I have a recall and she will look away from Pixel when I say her name.

But it's still super annoying. She watches Pixel always- will lay in the doorway and blast up if Pixel makes a move. For her part Pixel doesn't seem to care, and may even like the attention. But it bugs me. I should be Brit's focus. Not Pixel.

So more relationship building. Which means more crate time for Brit. If I can't focus on her, she is away. Crated in a room with a gate so she cant' stare at Pixel. I've even moved their daytime crates so Brit can't see her. Brit is also tethered to me in the house, and she isn't allowed in the yard with Pixel either. It seems extreme, even as I type it. But really- I don't want to have a dog who would rather play with the other dogs than to be with me. So we are working through the issue.

And of course we are doing all sorts of training and such- building our working relationship. She is doing awesome training wise. Her tugging is going great, and I am actually able to use a toy as a reward now. Woohoo! We have started some one jump work, and did our first jump grid the other day (equal height, equal distance at approx 4.5 feet apart). She was awesome. :) I really am enjoying this dog- she is so fun and I love her to bits. I just wish she wasn't so annoying when it came to Pixel. I know Pixel is cute and all but it's a bit ridiculous....


Tucker The Crestie said...

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BCxFour said...

I have two of those obsessions going on in our house. Bonnie is obsessed with Beth and Bea is obsessed with Brynn. The way I handle it is run Beth & Brynn together, and Bea and Bonnie to separate them. The two obsessive nut jobs can fixate on me instead of their hearts desire. I have tried everything. I am now happy when I can break the obsession and get eye contact from the with Bonnie or Bea. But I have given up...I let the dogs set the boundaries now - Bea's puppy license expired this weekend and Brynn gave her a taste of her own medicine - which seems to be the only thing that makes a difference. I wish you luck...if you figure out something beyond just separating them...let us know!