Wednesday, November 05, 2008

First Barn Night

Our new arena is wonderful- heated, clean, and just overall a nice place to train. We have our equipment stored in a stall just a few feet from the arena which is perfect and we had things set up in no time last night.

I brought "the girls" out- I debated between Wicca and Boone for quite a while as they both need the work but in the end Wicca won. And Pixel came to see the sights and meet some more people and dogs. She did great!

I worked on start lines last night with Wicca- she has been pushing and pushing and I wanted to be sure that she understands what it is she is supposed to be doing! We also worked on wrapping jumps, we did the a-frame once, and we worked on weave entries (three poles) She did really well. She was super excited to be out and doing stuff. I have her entered in two things on Saturday- a standard and a gamble. So far there has been no sign on a limp or soreness which makes me really happy!

Pixel again had no issues going into a new place- she ran around in the arena playing and tugging like she'd been there her whole life. She got lots of cuddles and attention from everyone and met some new dogs.

The boys stayed home but we did some training after work. Vito is learning a new trick, and Boone and I worked on targeting and stairs. He is entered in two things on Saturday as well- a Standard and Snooker.

No new pictures yet today sorry! I am hoping to take her out later today and get some photos of her playing in the snow- yes, we have our first snow this year!

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Jules said...

No new pictures?! We are going through pixel deprivation!

Glad that Wicca really seems to be on the mend. That is great news.