Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Regional Prep 2

This is the course we ran in last night's Prep class. It is a standard from a Regionals last year. Not sure which province though.

It was really fun, and had some interesting challenges. First off the weave entry- while it looks easy, it got a lot of dogs- both of mine included.
Because the dog is coming out of the tunnel to the right they weren't prepared to go left to get the entry. You had to be ahead of the dog over the jump (almost at the poles) to get it.

I rear crossed everything, even the end part. It worked well for rears because of all the natural lines.  Wicca also took the an off course 9-10. She took the frame- I needed to keep my threadle arm until she was commited to the teeter. Pixel ran it clean except for the weave entry. Oh, and I didn't get lost. :)

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