Saturday, May 07, 2011

Crazy Pants has arrived.

Neena belongs to a friend of mine, I am dogsitting her for a few days while her momma is on holidays. Neena is most commonly known as crazy pants. I am not sure where the nickname came from. She is super nutty though, so it suits.

Neena and Brit are BFF's. They sleep together, they play together, they stalk the cats together...It's like I haven't really added another dog to the house 'cause she does exactly the same things that Brit does. It is cute, and kinda creepy.

In any case I took some pics of Neena today so that her momma can see that she is having lots of fun. :)

She is a fierce tugger and does not let go. Ever. lol

Does she not look a little crazy? lol

She is a toy destroyer and my house is always down a few toys after a visit.

She loved the mega wubba though and had a great time trying to wreck it.

thankfully she was mostly unsuccesful and the wubba will live another day. :)

at our off leash run today. Neena is a hang back and watch kinda girl, although does like to fetch. She won't challenge another dog for a toy.

It was windy, can you tell? lol


Jenilee said...

Aww thanks Amanda!!! You always capture the real crazy pants!!! I miss her but I'm so happy she's having fun with her soul sister:)!

Nat said...

What a fun-looking BC! I love the smooths :)