Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Regional Prep #1

photo by Sarah Novak on her iPhone. :)

Tonite we ran a jumpers course from a past regional. It was fun, and best of all I didn't get lost. I repeat. I didn't get lost!!! We had some communication problems, but I didn't get lost. Do you know how awesome that is? Like made my day, or maybe even my week.

Both girls ran it well- I had some problems with my timing, and I must say that Wicca's commitment point is getting really frustrating. Sometimes the dog hurles herself over a bar 20 feet away, other times she won't send out a few feet. It's driving me crazy. I guess I am just going to have to assume that she won't take the bar herself and be closer than normal.... Pixel was good- her second run was faster than the first. I need to tighten her up a bit, and stay at her head to keep her as efficient as possible.

I was super happy with how we did. Because I didn't get lost! Now- if only we could not get lost, and make it around a course clean the first (or second) time....



Taryn said...

You are bound to have good luck at the regionals what with a rainbow shining on your practice!

K-Koira said...

Good luck at regionals!

onecollie said...

hey Amanda.....did you get lost ????