Monday, May 02, 2011


It was three years ago on Saturday that one of my best friends died. My Gram. It was very difficult for our family, and even now three years later I can't think of her without tearing up, or just crying out right. I know we all say that our Grandmothers are special, but mine was so much more than that.

She was the person I could talk to about anything. She had a wicked sense of humour, and was the life of the party. She was sarcastic, and bossy. She was opinionated, and had no qualms about telling people exactly what she thought. I loved her despite (and maybe because) of all of that. She was so special to me.

I have some pretty amazing memories of times we spent together. I lived with my Grandparents for a full year after I graduated. It was a pretty awesome year. I got to know them even better than before. My Gram and I would stay up for hours playing cards, or just chatting. I am very grateful to have spent that time with her.

 She was a collector of stuff, and a great Garage Saler. She taught me how to find the best stuff, and weed the seller down to half of what he wanted. :) She was always looking for a bargain!  My Gram had a lot of stuff- and over the years I got quite a few hand-me-downs and such. This dog figurine came from her house a few years before she died. I begged her for it for years before she let me have it. My Grampa gave me the bracelet when she died. I keep them together, and it helps me to remember. It is my most favorite thing.

I am not one to remember dates and things usually- and in the past this date has come and gone without a blog post, or mention. This year was different.  I have been thinking of her lots, remembering things we had done together, or one of her funny sayings.  I found some old photos too. She was full of life, and attitude. I loved that about her.  She really was an incredible person. I miss her so much.

I guess in the end all we have is our memories- and that's why I think it's so important to make those memories. I have learned that later, or tomorrow may never come and that I need to make time for the family I love now- while I still have them.


Kathy said...

Amanda what wonderful and special memories you have of your Gram. I'm a little jealous (a good nice jealous) as I have none of either of my grandparents but I do of my mom and dad.

miradukesadie said...

She sounds just like you! :) Must have been your dad's mom? What a great post. I was very close to my grama, we stayed up late playing cards too and drinking hot chocolate :). She's lost to alzheimers, almost harding then losing them outright. Memories are all we have so make them everyday :)

manymuddypaws said...

ha! Sandy. very true. I got all of her stubborness for sure. :)

She is on my mom's side actually. I think the attitude skipped a gerneration. :)