Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to our regular programming...

Blogger was fixing some glitches all day yesterday so there was no blogging. Thankfully it is fixed now. It really shows you dependent we are on technology. It was strange.

Anyway- I am super pumped for the weekend. We are off to Medicine Hat for Obedience and Rally. Pixel is entered in one Open trial. Her first ever.  I am excited and think it will be lots of fun. We are also doing rally- Pixel in Excellent, and Wicca in Adv/Excellent.

The boys, and Brit are staying home. My dad is coming over to dogsit. I bribed him with the promise of fancy icecream, and chocolate sauce. :)

Here are a few photos from yesterday...

Pixel is the biggest pest ever. Serious.

Pretty Brit, who still will not play with a toy...

Vito with his prize. He looks a little crazy. lol

Boone really needs a groom. He is pretty shaggy these days!


Cute Pixel with her little plastic sheepie...(who is missing a nose thanks to Neena! :) )
Have a great weekend!!!

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Pet Portraits By Becky said...

Love the pups. don't cut Boones hair I love it. What a cutie. I enjoyed looking at your blog