Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blazingstar Visit

I went out to visit my friends Andy and Liz of Blazingstar Flatcoats on Saturday. I brought Brit and Pixel along and we went for a nice walk at their place. It is the most beautiful place in the world. Their place is very natural with lots of wild prairie. The river bottom area is full of trees, and it is just a very peaceful place. That is until the Corgi comes to visit and barks her fool head off. :)  Brit had a fabulous time playing with Puffin although Liz didn't manage to get any pics of them racing around together. They were a great match and covered a lot of ground with their chase games. Brit's other admirer was Tinbie. He thought she was pretty good looking and followed her around nearly the whole time. Pixel mostly was a third wheel barking at them, or off doing her own thing. They were both pretty tired after that! It was a nice visit, and we are looking forward to more visits this summer when the river is ready for swimming. Brit thinks flatcoats are awesome. :)

Brit stalking Puffin (who is off camera) and Tinbie following Brit...

Swamp Monster Pixel. :) They had a nice swim in a muddy little pond.

Brit on a mission

For once Brit isn't the stalker...lol

more dirty Pixel.

keeping an eye on those flatcoats!
thanks for the wonderful visit Liz, and for the photos!!!

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Berts Blog said...

What a great family you guys have. I love the pictures. I have a crush on Pixel already.

Cant wait to see more