Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medicine Hat Dog Show

Tourist 19/52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

The girls and I had a great (but tiring) weekend. The weather was beautiful, and it was a nice small trial with a very friendly atmosphere.

First off Pixel's Open Debut.

She was entertaining. And acted as though she had never been trained before. :) To own a corgi can be interesting...they sure know how to put their own spin on things. A few highlights from her performance
- she brought the dumbbell to the judge
- she played with the dumbbell and rolled it across the floor
- she missed every sit (even when asked)
- she apparently didn't know how to front
-and she finished her performance off with a lovely perch on the broad jump.

We have LOTS of work to do before we go back in the open ring. Lots of that she has NEVER done before- even in training. So it was kind of a surprise. But because I believe that the dog should always leave the ring happy we had a party between each exercise. Her heeling started out amazing but she petered out on the figure eight. It got worse from there. BUT- She did her stays beautifully. I was so proud of her.

On to Rally.
Wicca came in second all weekend. She earned two more legs towards her RAE (6 & 7). Saturday she was a bit distracted and not really herself. Sunday she was MUCH better but the courses were much more difficult. The Sunday courses (and Judge) were super challenging. I loved it of course as I believe that Challenge is a good thing. There were no 100's that's for sure. I've never done such a difficult course before. I even got lost!

Pixel made her debut in Excellent (on the super difficult course) and all the left pivots blew her little mind. :) We qualfied but with an 89 which is the lowest score she's ever gotten.

I also have to mention how proud I am of my students and friends. This was the first trial for three of my students and they rocked it- each qualifying in both trials. They are awesome girls. And of course my "oldies" did great too- there was some pretty awesome teamwork. Sarah and Gyp had a fabulous debut- two High In Classes, and a new RN title. How great is that???

I am especially proud of Jolene for sticking it out with her bad boy Kort. Everyone has a challenge dog at least once in their life and I believe Jolene has hers now. :) Once he gets it together they will be incredible, but the journey there can be a bit rough....


onecollie said...

awww, thanks amanda :), that means alot

Judy said...

Very nicely done in Rally with both girls, Amanda!. Its hard to believe Pixel is in Excellent already...she is so young