Sunday, May 29, 2011

The ATCH that isn't

I am still trying to figure out my feelings from the weekend.

My dogs did really great. Wicca was super all weekend and only had one wild run. Pixel had some really good moments, and some good speed- just not quite focused in each run with just an odd bobble. And I didn't get lost once. So why do I feel all weird.

According to the AAC Wicca earned her ATCH today. She has needed one more jumpers Q for quite a while. Today she had a beautiful run- fast, smooth and with no bobbles. It was perfect, except for the first bar which she knocked. The judge didn't see it fall.

I didn't realise he didn't see it until ribbons later in the day and they called her for the Q.

I am upset about it. I want to celebrate my ATCH. We worked SO hard for it. I don't want it to be tarnished by a dirty Q. I went and talked to the judge- told him I didn't want it. He laughed and said sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (which is VERY true as I didn't get my gamble Q saturday with Wicca because the scribe didn't tick the box...) But still. I didn't want to win this Q, I wanted to earn it.

It makes me feel all weird- which is not what I want for my ATCH!

So I've decided to pretend it doesn't exist. I am still going to be waiting for that one last jumpers Q for her ATCH, and then we will have a party. With cake. Until then, I will just not look on her stats page.

I will do a play by play of the weekend tomorrow with videos, and will have photos later this week because Wendy (from Paws on the Run) came to photograph the event and I know there are some pretty kick ass photos of my dogs in among the 5000 photos she took over two days.... :)


Paws on the Run said...

That really sucks about the Q, but I think it is a good idea to celebrate later. It won't have the same feeling of satisfaction until you get that final clean run.

Oh... and thanks for the pressure! Not only do I need to produce timely photos, they now need to be kick ass as well. LOL. Good thing you've got some amazing dogs and gave me lots to work with. :)

Jules said...

Gifted Qs are always odd, but I can imagine how you feel - a gifted Q for a big doesn't work. Celebrating at your next Jumpers Q will feel much better!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel weird, feel HONEST..

Taryn said...

I had a similar thing happen with the judge not seeing a bar go down. As a result, Wilson earned a 1st place. I didn't feel good keeping the Q as it was stealing the ribbon from someone who really Q'd. When I mentioned it to the judge, she said the same thing about sometimes you win/sometimes you lose. I told her I didn't feel right and asked her to change the record. It then took me forever to earn that leg for real :-)

Nat said...

Good for you to deciding to wait! I agree, ATCH's are special, and I'm sure waiting for that last beautiful clean run will be worth it. Glad to hear that the dogs ran so well though!!

Judy said...

I have q'd when I shouldn't have(knocked bar also)...haven't q'd when I should have (contacts) point in asking the judge because they don't remember. Enjoy your ATCH and celebrate later. CONGRATS!!!!

Anonymous said...

When the certificate comes, don't open it and put it on a shelf. It can be a gift waiting to be opened when you and Wicca earn it. Most of us get our ATChC certificate long after the fact. Yours will be waiting for you the day when you come home...

We will all celebrate that day with you and know what an special person you are and how hard you have worked with Wicca to earn it. It will feel so Good!
Jan, BB and Star

Nicki said...

I'd feel the same way. I once gave back 6 MACH points because when it gets to end i didn't want the 6 free points hanging over my head.