Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long Weekend

I love long weekends, well, I love any weekend but somehow that extra day just makes it more awesome. :)

This weekend is actually extra long for me as I was able to take Friday off too. Four days of no work!

Yesterday Sarah and I went to Calgary and did some training- we ran a few courses, and Sarah gave some private lessons. It was a great day- Wicca and Pixel both did pretty well. Pixels weave poles have fallen apart though and she is popping at the tenth pole more often than not. We have some work to do!

Today has been a busy but good day too- started off with a trip out to Blazingstar (flatcoat land!) for a nice walk and visit with friends. Pixel and Brit had an awesome time and are still a little tired from all the running. Brit met her match physically and she and Puffin had lots of fun chasing each other around. I am hoping to have photos later. :)  The afternoon was spent bathing and grooming dogs. It was way over do. All of the dogs had a bath and brush, and I shaved Boone. I know. He looks cute shaggy, I get it really. But you try to keep up with that coat! It is horrible. So off it went. :) He looks cute shaved too in a strange sort of way. lol. I trimmed his head a little shorter than normal- mostly by accident. Not sure if I like it or not yet. The nice thing with hair is that it grows. Now I am spending a quiet evening at home- with tired dogs.

Tomorrow as long as the rain holds off we are having an agility funmatch. Running a Jumpers, Standard, and Gamble. It will be fun providing we don't get rained on. :)

And Monday I have filled with private lessons in an effort to make some extra money. My money tree didn't grow even though I watered it everyday, so I guess I am going to have to make money the hard way- work for it. lol

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