Sunday, May 01, 2011


I had a pretty awesome day today. It was so fun to teach new people! I mean, I enjoy my regular students- but this was different and I left feeling re-energized as an instructor. Sometimes teaching classes can be draining, but I do enjoy it. Today really has made me realise just how much I do love it.

The dogs in the group were all great- and the handlers open to try new things and learn. They were very receptive to advice, and didn't hesitate to try again, and again. It was really cool to see the light bulb moments, and the "I can't" turn into "I did it!." Everyone was very supportive of one another, and there was much cheering and excitement.

The focus was on handling, and a bit of foundation work- the group that hosted it is small, and lots of them are pretty new to the sport. They soaked up all the information I gave them and were eager for more. They asked tons of questions, and I think everyone left with some new training plans, and a better idea of what handling is all about.

Even though it was the longest day ever (we left at 4:30...), the day went by so fast that it wasn't tiring at all! I am tired now of course, and really wish that Monday was part of the weekend....

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