Friday, April 09, 2010

Scenthurdle Update

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and set up some scenthurdle racing training times. The trick was finding the time, and forcing commitment. Well. Now we have 9 people and a dozen dogs who are keen, and doing awesome!

We won't be racing officially until November as the whole team consists of raw novice scenthurdle dogs so we have quite a bit of training to do. But wow, the progress already is amazing!

We have dogs discriminating between two or three dumbbells already, racing up the line to the box, and even retrieving from the box and back down the line. All this in just three training sessions! It does help that all the people on the team are "dog people" and have trained their dogs to fetch a dumbbell already.

Last night was our third session and we did more discrimination, box work, and pattern training for the jumps. It was also the first time the dogs retrieved from the box and back over jumps. The discrimination is the most fun, and all of the dogs are starting to get it. Pixel had no troubles at all and brought hers back every time.

I am so excited to finally have a Lethbridge team. Seriously, it is awesome. I can't wait to race!

You can read more about our team on the team blog-


Jules said...

Very cool! I will check out the blog.

rtfgvb7832 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................