Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Why's Vito all wet?

because Vito rolled in poop. And had to have a bath yesterday. It tried to tell him he's an adult and should start acting like one. He said he's embarassed and will start acting mature...I don't believe him.


miradukesadie said...

ohhh poor V! Your mom is sooo mean. You can come here and roll in poop all you want! =)

Elf said...

Boost has rolled in poop so many times in the yard that I completely gave up on baths for that infraction; she just gets hosed down thoroughly right there in the yard.

Then there was that hike with all the fresh cow poop that even Tika (who doesn't usually roll in stuff) couldn't resist. I even took photos:

Crazy Dog Lady said...

Oh Vito, must be spring fever or something as my dogs have been doing that lately too, they prefer the goat/horse combined fragrance :)