Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A little Windy..

It was SO freakin' windy tonite that we could barely have class. Tuesday nights are supposed to be the Regionals Prep Class. With the wind as strong as it was we could only use wingless jumps, heavily sandbagged tunnels, and weaves. No contacts, or anything that a dog could blow off of.

So we modified the plan and set up two gambles- one from an Ontario Regionals last year, and one made up.

Despite the wind we had fun- and got in a little training.

I didn't work Wicca a lot- but was specific about what we did do.

She has issues with hidden tunnel mouths- so we worked on that- and finally she started looking, and not just running around, and around, and around the tunnel...It's very odd that a dog who loves tunnels so much would be like that...

We also did a hard gamble with tunnel mouth discrimination and a really long Go On, with a dummy jump close to us...I was pretty happy with that! I also did it backwards and used my "turn" to turn her over the jump and down the line...

The other gamble was a straight tunnel and 12 poles with a jump at either end. I did it a few ways- using my "turn" again to turn her either towards the tunnel, or to the weaves, depending on what side I was on.

I thought it would be too much for Boone -with the blowing wind, and the traffic combined so I brought Pixel out instead. She had never been out the field before and after getting used to the noise, the wind, and the smells did great!

We did some running- on both the left and the right, and we did some pole work with a jump standard. She is wrapping the pole tightly and driving back into me for the toy. We also did a stay/lead out and then run...she was very excited but still focused. We ended with some nose touches, and some no mugging games. She's so smart!

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