Thursday, May 07, 2009


Davin had a sleepover last night. He LOVED Pixel. As handsome as he is the feeling isn't mutual and everyone pretty much ignored the poor guy!
He is about 5 months old and is an Australian Shepherd that belongs to my friend Michelle. Sleep overs are a great way for puppies to learn to be away from home, and experience new things. In Davins' case he even got to come to daycare today!!! Lucky Guy! He's been having lots of fun! :o)

you can see more of Davin and his big sister Ande on their own blog- Dogs And Old Bones.


Sarah said...

maybe pixel though he was her dad ... that is why he liked him so much?

kidding ..... running FAST in other direction! and ducking from the things being thrown.

Mich41 said...

He has been non stop sleeping! He just woke up this am. ahhh peace