Monday, May 18, 2009

Damn Near Perfect and Looking for a Home

Thanks Sarah for the great photos!!!

Dax is an almost 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He was adopted through the rescue I used to work with 9 months ago. I received an email on Wednesday saying that it wasn't working out. I don't work with rescue anymore, but I couldn't turn my back on this dog. I loved him nine months ago- and I knew that I couldn't leave his fate in anyone elses hands. So, Friday afternoon we was dropped off and he had a great weekend tagging along with me at the agility trial.

I don't know quite what I am going to do with him. He needs a little bit of rehab with other male dogs (terriers especially) but otherwise is pretty near perfect. He is very obedient and can sit, down, stay, and comes when called. He has started flyball training in his previous home, and some foundation work for agility. He has a lot of potential as a great sports dog. He loves to play fetch and is forever carrying something around in his mouth.

He is super snuggly and affectionate. Loves to curl up on your lap and have a nap. He is perfectly well housetrained- no marking. He is great in the house and isn't hyper off the wall- he will settle on a dog bed with a toy and you hardly notice him. He is crated at night, and during the day with only a small amount of barking at first.

He is super friendly- and met lots of people on the weekend. He is good with other dogs and is quite playful. He doesn't guard items, and will walk away from a toy if someone else wants it. He is a good worker but will benefit from some "Control Unleashed" exercises to learn to control his impulses. Already in just two days I'm seeing a change. He is quick to focus back on you, and is smart as a whip.

He is tall. As in 15" and a bit. But no, he's not a smooth fox. He is most definitely a jack. He has a perfect head, a perfect front, and structurally is a very, very correct dog. Temperament wise he is very jack- curious, loves to play, friendly, and not nippy, growly, or anything like that. He really is what a Jack should be. He did fight with the other male jack in his previous home- but I don't know the circumstances that lead to that. He is absolutely fine with my two boys- one of which has already put him in his place. He is super flirty and palyful with the girls but isn't inappropriate (i.e no humping!)

Dax is looking for his forever home- one that has the time, and experience to deal with a dog who needs a job. And someone who has room in their hearts, and on their sofa!

Email me at manymuddypaws @ for more info, or if you are interested in him. I will be picky about where he goes- so be prepared for questions!!!


Esther said...

Dax seems like a wonderful boy. I hope he finds the perfect home!

Jules said...

Very handsome. You'll find the right home for him!!

Performance Canine/HDR said...

Now that's my kind of dog! Smart, busy, tough, sweet and just a little rotten. If only I were ready for another dog I'd be all over him! Hope he finds that perfect place quick (and glad you have him or he'd end up being #8 here!)