Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not tagged, but still playing

One of the blogs I read was tagged in a game in which we share stories of how our dogs came to live with us. I wasn't tagged to play, but thought it would be good blog content.

Wicca- I wanted a German Shepherd Dog. Okay, I thought I wanted a German Shepherd. The litter didn't take, and I still wanted a puppy. So I started looking around and researching different breeds. I worked at a pet supply store and one of our long time clients came in with a cute little Cardigan Puppy...the next day I got a call from the breeder of that cute little Cardigan puppy. She had heard that the GSD litter didn't take and wondered if I was interested in coming out to meet the litter she had. I went. I fell in love. I did some research (could a short legged dog even play agility???!)I went again. I paid for her. I brought her home.

Vito- I was working heavily with rescue. A friend of mine called me and said that extended family of hers had a puppy that they needed help with. I went to asses the dog. he was about 14 weeks and wouldn't come and greet me. growled and grumbled. While I was there telling the family that this particular puppy will need his own space, rules, obedience classes, constant supervision with the children, etc the kids crawled under the table with the puppy and not only woke him up but started poking him. I left, suggesting that they find a more suitable home for him. I got a call a few days later. He had bit the young boy quite badly. I was only fostering/training/socialising him. And then I loved him. And now I am stuck with the little jerk. :o) It's a good thing he's so cute.

Boone- I didn't need another dog. A friend of mine emailed and said that she had gotten an adult Pyr Shep as a "Re-Home" but that she is looking for a home for him. It wasn't working out. She wasn't aware of his issues, and didn't have the time, or inclination to fix them. A year or so previously I had looked after this same friends other Pyr Shep, and loved him. I have a soft spot for Pyr Sheps, and said I would take him without even seeing a photo. I know. bad. I went to pick him up, and I couldn't touch him he was so nervous. He spun in the crate the whole way home. Initially I was just working with him- not going to keep him. No really, not going to keep him. And then I loved him. And it took the better part of a year to make him normal. But he is a great dog- and well worth the effort. This Picture was taken right after I got him.

Pixel- When Sam died I knew I wanted another Cardi. I didn't want one right away though. But I had a serious case of puppy fever. It went from a whisper in my ear to a puppy in just a few weeks. I had started researching breeders. I knew what I wanted, and knew it might take a while to find. I had bookmarked the breeders I was interested in talking to more, and frequently checked and rechecked their websites. Almost stalker like actually. And then I stumbled upon this picture

and knew that she was the one. Looking into her further I discovered that her Sire is a WORKING cardi, with Champion Herding Titles- exactly what I was looking for. A moderate dog, with working background. After talking with her breeder, passing her screening (I had never had that before!!!) and finally getting all the paperwork stuff sorted out Pixel flew from Florida to Great Falls (a few hours from me.)She has been a bossy, bratty, great addition to my family!

I am going to tag

Sarah from Dig It, Fetch It, Herd It
Jolene from OneCollie
Sandy from Mira,Duke and the Evil One
Wendy from Crazy and Little
and Julie from Slow As Molasses

Have Fun Ladies!


Jules said...

This is neat. It was fun to read your dogs stories of how they came to you and look forward to doing my post tomorrow!

Kristi said...

What a lovely family of furry babies you have! (I do not have a dog myself but do have 4 wonderful kitties)

Sharrie said...

You must be a saint to work so hard at training your lovely dogs. Pixel is darling, and I love the name. Those are some mighty lucky doggies!