Thursday, May 28, 2009

Puppy Class in Photos

I took my camera to class last night in hopes of getting my 52 Weeks photo. I did manage to get that, but I also got some cute photos of the class.

We got there early so they had a quick romp in the field.

There is no supper on class nights. Pixel was famished....

We started with crate games

Some Wobble Board Fun

Some plank fun

Some Tugging

Threw is some begging- remember she's STARVING...

Some being cute

We did the table

and lots of other things that aren't very photogenic...

Puppies are Fun!


Dawn said...

Look at that poor starving dog! She looks like she is liking puppy class.

ClassyChassy said...

Great photos, as always! No dinner before the class? I imagine the poor dear was nearly frantic for FOOD!