Tuesday, May 05, 2009


So I took the dogs to the dogrun yesterday after work. I wanted to get my 52 weeks photo in a new environment....ha!

The walk was stressful- the park was FULL of people and dogs. So we went to the other side of the park. I wanted to take the dogs to the river part so we walked along the super scary edge. I pretty much made the dogs walk right with me the whole time because they kept going over to look over the edge. Talk about a heart attack. Then we get to the river and the dogs are having fun- playing, fetching, barking...

and then Vito sees the Pelicans in the River. Yeah. He decided that it was his job to scare them away. Vito is mostly afraid of water- he doesn't really swim- which is a good thing or I am sure he would have swam after them until he got tired and drown. Instead he just chased them down the beach...he finally came back when he was just little speck.

But- for the most part the river part of the walk was great- Pixel waded, Wicca fetched, Boone barked and ran back and forth chasing Vito (who was still obsessed with the Pelicans) But it was fun, and I got some really good photos.

Or so I thought.

In the car I started looking through- and was puzzled by how dark they appeared to be. I got home, looked on the computer and sure enough- almost every single photo was too dark. Even though I had it on an auto sports setting I had changed the shutter speed for indoor photos the day before...yeah.

So I got crap, crap, and more crap. I tried to lighten some on photoshop but mostly it looks awful. Only the one of Vito with the stick turned out...weird eh?


Mich41 said...

Twilight Zone! :)

Elf said...

Jeez, I have so like totally done that. (I don't really talk that way; only in blogs.) Except that you can easily do another river walk. I did that for a wonderful night stroll through Montreal with my camera set on something completely inappropriate and the next morning I had to get onto a plane back to California. Every camera class I've taken tries to emphasize that you have to get into the habit of FIRST THING every time you pick up your camera, check ALL your settings. I am not yet into that habit. Every time I ruin a batch because of the wrong setting, I vow that I've learned my lesson and will never miss checking again.


Anonymous said...


yeah, I thought that if it was on an auto setting (it was on sports) that it would override any manual changes I had made. apparently not. I've learned my lesson- hopefully!!!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Your guys are always so joyful....what a life they have. You're a terrific dog mom...