Monday, May 04, 2009

Training Boone

Boone tagged along to calgary even though he wasn't entered in the seminar portion. I had made arrangements with Paula from Hairy Barkers to attend their agility practice on Friday night. It was a great chance to do some training.

We worked on weave entries. AND 12 Poles. He loses his rhythm and gets lost- I went back and split the 12 into two sets of 6 and had him weave from one set, to the other. And then gradually moved them in closer and closer. After a few reps he was weaving 12 again just fine!

We also did some backchaining on the dogwalk. He was very good- and I was super impressed with even his first attempt.

And we did some double box work- I need to work on rear crosses with him and this was a great opportunity for that. I think my timing with him still needs to improve and I need to make sure he is committed before crossing.

We ended on a speed circle- which he LOVED. We played lots of tug, and he got lots of cookies- which makes for a very satisfied Boonie!

I adore this dog.

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Sue said...

You're not the only one!