Monday, August 20, 2012

We threw her in a dog pool...

Go! Dog! Go! hosted our first ever agility camp- Go! See Spot! Fly. It was a spectacular weekend- lots of laughs, lots of awesome people, and lots of learning for everyone.

It was hot, hot, hot. Like 32'C. That's hot. Barely a breeze. Hot.

With the help of super awesome helpers we were all kept hydrated with water, shots, and icecream. ;) There was much cheering, and singing all weekend. We gave all the groups cool names and made them come up with a song. ;) 
Oh, and we went through 12 bottles of wine, and nearly 30 cans of beer.... The food was awesome- what camp do you get steaks and baked potatoes at!!! Terry did the cooking of those babies and they were really delicious!

The agility portion of camp was also great. I didn't work Pixel except for two small bits in Terry's class. Just to stretch her legs so to speak!  But we got some great feedback from all that participants- each session had lots to offer and I think people came away from the weekend feeling refreshed, and successful. My session was called Mind Games. And I really did put their brains to test. ;)

The trial was short and sweet- we offered three classes only and it ran smoothly and efficiently. It was also Pixel's 6" Specials Debut. She was cute, and happy, and bouncy. I screwed up the Snooker, and the Gamble. lol. So I let Jolayne run her in Jumpers. Obviously my brain was not functioning. Jo did a great job- 35 seconds and a Q!
Go Pixel!

I bet you are wondering about the title of the blog post... I think Sarah learned the biggest lesson of all this weekend.  Don't let Terry Simons and Amanda corner you. ;) Despite her screaming and flailing we deposited her directly into the dog pool, and then dumped the other pool over her. It was fantastic. ;) For us. lol. Thankfully her Iphone survived the ordeal.

It was a fun, but exhausting weekend. We couldn't have done it without the help of our GDG peeps- from setting up rings, to loading and unloading the trailer. We are very lucky to have such awesome people in our group! The Team Spirit all weekend was fabulous. Dog people are the bestest!!!


andrea said...

sounds brilliant!!

WigglyZack said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!!