Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sheep and Dog Shows

Oh what a weekend it has been!!! It is a long weekend- so I have tomorrow off from work at least! I somehow managed to fill every spare second with stuff so it's been a busy one!

Yesterday a trip to calgary with friends to scope out the dog show, and talk about our upcoming agility camp. Today another trip to calgary- this time for sheep! and then a quick trip to the dogshow again.

Sheep was great. Brit is doing really well- getting more speed with confidence. And is learning a lot still. Louanne helped us with our flat outruns. I've been walking into her but Louanne had me go half way (or less depending on how far it is) and then run up to the top- stopping when I see her bend out. A few times of this and she was going much deeper- and settling in to a nice pace instead of accelerating into them. Louanne gave me some tips about what to watch for, and how to figure out if she is working to the ideal or not. She told me to have "markers" for myself- such as a thistle or rock or whatever and if she doesn't bend out around it to go in. If she bend out around my invisible line she is fine. Having a good "picture" will help me to see if she is doing it right or not.

Leo (the foster) got a chance to try sheep too!! He was very keen- a nice quiet worker with a lot of eye. A natural for sure. I left him there for a few days- Louanne will take him out a few times a day and work him. Sheepherding can be a big confidence booster and he certainly seemed to love it! I'm thinking he will enjoy himself. He warmed up to Louanne really well and was flirting with the girl dogs when I left. ;) It was hard to leave him there- but Louanne has already sent me an update and he ate his dinner and is calm and settled.

The dog show was interesting. No Cardigans (the specialty is in Ontario this weekend), and nothing too exciting. We watched a bit of agility, and the herding group. I bought the dogs some toys, and some pheasant treats. I resisted buying a very blinged out leather collar for Brit. It was hard, but I did it. ;)

Tomorrow we have an agility funmatch. I'm actually looking forward to it. I think Pixel and I are ready to get back in the saddle so to speak. I'm going to take my camera so I'll have some photos tomorrow!

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