Friday, August 10, 2012

The Countdown Begins

Only two more work days until my holidays start. Starting Wednesday I am off for two weeks! I've never taken a two week holiday before. But I need it. Desperately. The first couple of days will be spent at our Agility Camp, and then a week camping for real, and then a few days of R&R at home. It sounds awesome and I can't wait!

I am just so busy all the time- real life, work, rescue, GDG work, training, real life, rescue it cycles through every day, every week. The same stuff over and over and over again. It is exhausting. I am tired. And ready for a break.

No work, no training, no teaching (well, except agility camp!), no rescue stuff. SO excited! The dogs were excited when I told them they can get as dirty has they want for a whole week! ;)


Catherine Anne said...

if i was a dog and was told that i'd be excited too! enjoy your week off :)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Live it up or down during your time off. That pic of Vito is absolutely adorable!

Jen said...

A 2 week holiday?? I'm totally jealous!