Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh, and there was a parade!

 On Saturday our agility group- Go dog Go headed out to a local small town and put on some agility/senthurdle demos and walked in their parade!

Brit had a good time in the parade, but had a great time during scenthurdle. Despite not practicing lately she was bang on with just one little bobble that we were able to fix while she was still at the box!

Pixel's favorite thing of the day was the parade. We happened to be behind horses...and she was eager for her free snacks! lol Gross, but such a corgi! I actually didn't let her have any the whole way until the end when I told Sarah to take a photo. lol

some teeter angst... or maybe just thinking about the poo?
It was a fun day- Demos are fun, and so are Parades. This year we won't be doing our towns "Whoop Up Days" which is dissapointing. It is usually so much fun!! Oh well maybe next year....

PS. One more day of work!!! :) And only THREE MORE DAYS until the Agility much to do!!!

+++photos by Sarah Novak

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