Monday, August 06, 2012

Shooters and Agility go hand in hand.

We had a fantastic time at the fun match this morning. I set up two courses from Nationals- a standard and a gamble. Lots of really great runs even by the more beginner dogs!! Impressive for sure! Next year I bet there will be a few more GoDogGo'ers at Regionals and Nationals. ;) Our group is pretty awesome.

After the official classes we ran a Twisted Team (dog swap), Tunnelers (5 obstacles, numbered to 15... it was tough!) and then the favourite Shoots and Ladders. (get to the end, earn a shot) Everyone had a shot (or two) by the end of the morning. Lots of laughs and fun. I ran Pixel in the Standard and the Gamble. She was pretty zippy and had fun. She is really the most adorable dog!

Vito even came out and played a round of Tunnelers. He petered out half way through but enjoyed the cookies. ;) Aislyn ran Pixel which was cute. Pixel is a total food hound and will work for anyone with a cookie- even if that someone is a five year old. ;)

I am glad we played in the morning because it sure got hot by noon!!! We were all melting by the end of the match. I went home and filled my pool some more, and maybe even sat in it. Pool Pictures to come on Wednesday!


Jenilee said...

I had fun with Pixel in the twisted team...she's a fun little gal:)!

Dawn said...

Wish I lived up by you! Your group sounds like so much fun.