Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Comedy Of Errors

Just like group photos, life doesn't always go as planned. ;)
 (but unplanned isn't always bad, just look how cute Boone is trying to kiss Brit...)

On Tuesday afternoon my sister and I tried to leave to go camping for five days. On the way there a storm blew in fast and furious. After seeing the destruction at the campground we decided to head home and come back in the morning. Setting up tents with 7 dogs, and a three year old didn't sound like much fun in the rain and wind...

Wednesday morning comes around and all is good and peaceful. The campground is completely deserted and awesome. Lots of trees, grass, and quiet. By supper time Nolen has announced he wants to go home like 20 times. By bed time he is having a tantrum of epic proportions. My sister tries to get him to sleep, and fails... I end up going in with him and tried to tell hims a story (which had the opposite effect of sleep as he had lots of questions about my story...) I ended up counting him to sleep. Serious. I got to 200 before he was asleep. The wind picks up and its cold and miserable. My sister and I head to bed early around 10. (after some super delicious smores...). Middle of the night I wake up to Nolen crying about monsters, and his fan at home, and how are his fish going to live, and the fact that he wants to go home.... We make it to morning and Nolen is up bright and early. And not very happy. It is windy, and cold. Even the dogs are chilled. I attemp to cheer everyone up with breakfast. Which ends horribly after the fire keeps going out. Eventually I did manage to cook some eggs and bacon but it had lost it's charm by that time.

By twelve we decided to go home. Rain in the forcast for tomorrow was the kicker. I cant' even imagine how miserable we would all be in the rain, and cold, and wind. My dad is awesome and came out to save us and help pack up our weeks worth of crap. It was a lot of work. lol. For one night. But the two days we had had some good stuff! It was still fun mostly, and I enjoyed the time with my nephew. Despite being a little naughty, and whiny. He really is pretty awesome. A funny little guy who is always up for a walk, or playing with the dogs, or a bit of roughhousing. . Cute, but Naughty. It's kinda how I like 'em. And he makes me melt when he calls me Auntie

The dogs had a great time, and were awesome with Nolen (except Boone who I didn't trust for one little second...). They had fun in the river and are all tired tonite as they sit at my feet. They got in lots of playing, and had a huge "yard" made up of four xpens.

Now with the change of plans I've got a few extra days to fill in- but I'm sure we'll find stuff to do! Maybe a trip to the Pass for a hike? Or play tourist in my own corner of the province? Or a few trips out to the sheepies. ;)  Endless Possibilities!


Charlene and Storm said...

oh poo, sorry your camping was ruined... i am so not a tent person, i tried it for about half an hour once in the garden and then i saw an earwig and decided it was time to go back inside :)

Glad you got a few great pics tho xxx

Charlene and Stormy

Taryn said...

I'm not a camper either. I need a good night's sleep! I love the outdoors for hiking, biking, dog stuff, but definitely NOT sleeping :-)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Lordy, these pics are terrific. I'm thinking your dad is one cool guy! Sounds like you made lemonade out of a pile of soggy lemons!

Nicki said...

yeah, we tried camping. Once. Didn't make it through the first night.