Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Perfect Morning

waiting for the word

catching the run-a-ways. keeping them in the field is a challenge sometimes!

wishing for a bigger bucket. lol

Togo giving her words of advice. Maybe about patience and pace?

Sarah and I headed out to Altapete this morning for some Sheep fun. And I remembered my Camera!!! We had a good time- the sheep were cooperative mostly, the weather perfect, and we have very good dogs. Brit seemed to remember our lesson from yesterday and we had some good square outruns from start to finish. Not always perfect, but getting better!! I am happy with the progress!

Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays. I will miss the dogs! I've been pretty much hanging out with them all week. But we've got one more day left- I think we are going to head down to the river tomorrow for some swimming fun.

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onecollie said...

I'm so glad you had a great holiday!! But we miss you !!! can't wait for you to come back :)