Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sheepherding Lesson #5

After Wicca's appointment in Calgary we stopped in at Phantomridge for a quick lesson on the way home.

Brit had a great time. She is getting really, really keen. As in knew the second we got out of the vehicle what she was there for and was instantly in BC mode. I love it.

She surprised me by not starting off naughty! I warned Louanne of the trend that has started with cutting in on the first flank. But she didn't and was working really well off the bat.

We worked on walk ups. A lot. Pretty well the whole time. Brit is getting it though- like finding the "spot" herself and she even stopped herself for the very first time! I was so proud of her! She does tend to crowd the sheep a bit- the theory is that Louanne's sheep are more dog broke and don't move as fast. The Altapete sheep are tougher and run for the gate. Brit is used to having to move quick to keep control.

Her Lie Downs really sucked. I had to go in on her a few times to get a stop. Which annoyed me. lol. But Louanne said that same thing as Jenny. It's okay, and will sort itself out later. I believe them, but still. Just Lie Down. How hard is it? lol. And right now I need the lie downs to get her walk up set. She doesn't stick it herself yet...

I'm going to work on her downs at home with toys and fetching. See if I can't amp her up enough to mimic the excitement.

It was a great way to spend the morning- I am pleased with Brit. I think we are both starting to figure this sheep thing out.

Thanks to Jenilee for being my navigator, AND for taking photos. :)

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