Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prescribed Digging

Wicca had a follow up visit with Dr.Devall this morning. It went pretty well- there has been lots of improvement. Her pelvis is holding strong, and only a minor tweak in her back. However her complete left side is still pretty ouchie. The first rib was out again, and a minor adjustment on her neck. She got some laser, and some new exercises.

Digging! Wicca will love that. She loves to dig, All I have to do is say Gopher?! and she will dig in any spot I point to. Even snow. The digging action is going to stretch those muscles in her shoulders.

Bowing/Full stretch. This one we do lots of already. But will make sure we add it to the daily program.

Peanut Ball work. I have't had her on the ball since her injury- she will be happy to get to play again. She can do turns and sit ups on the ball.

Paw Targeting. Wicca needs to reach up- which is hard when you have short legs. She already has a paw target on cue, so will stick a thing on the wall and get her really reaching up for it.

Cavalleti. We can start doing some cavaletti exercises which Wicca will find enjoyable I am sure. It's kind like agility. lol (not really...)

This is on top of the stretches and exercises we already do. Backing up, Slow Left/Right turns, Sit Ups, Crawling, etc. We also are going to go back to Arnica instead of Traumeel for a few weeks, and now she can get the full dose of Ligaplex in the morning instead of split.

She also gets to do some flat running- still no twisting or playing with the other dogs. But she will be happy to get a bit more physical exercise!

Veronica was pleased with the progress. I am pleased with the progress. I am trying to be upbeat about this, and just take one day at a time. She will be fine- she is well on her way already. But am horrified that I've done this to my dog. :(


I do know that we can't keep them in a bubble, and I do know that there is risk in everything. Not just agility. But Wicca is harder on herself than the average dog. She runs agility as fast as she can possibly go, with no thoughts to self preservation. Wicca hasn't done actual agility in months- and to still have rib problems now just blows me away. How long has she been hurting and not showing anything? She has appeared to be pretty sound for most of last year. But this has been building for quite awhile from the looks of it. At this point Wicca is likely never weaving again. Her shoulders and ribs are likely due to weaving. I went back and watched some video. If I can stomach it I will make a montage of weave pole clips- you will see what I mean.


minstrel said...

AW you didn't do it to her!

Jules said...

I understand the horror feeling. That is how I felt about Bug, but then I re-framed it and decided as much as it completely sucked it, was an incredibly valuable lesson he was helping me learn about rehab. Any dog can experience a career ending injury, but these short dogs aren't really built for a lot of the sports we ask them to do. I am so glad she is on the mend!

Paws on the Run said...

Don't you dare blame yourself for this!!!! I doubt Wicca would have traded a single moment of agility, heeling, sheep herding, scent hurdle and whatever else you've done with her. She is living life to the fullest and that is all any dog can ask for. You can't predict the future and she could have hurt herself even if she was fat and lazy just by jumping off the couch.

I'm glad to hear things are improving and that her rehab is going to be fun.

onecollie said...

I agree with Wendy! You can't blame yourself otherwise all our dogs would be couch potatoes instead of being out there doing the things they love. I worry about my guys all the time, but look how happy they are when they are doing stuff they love.
Let them live their lives to the fullest I say, no regrets :)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

No, no! Wicca loved doing agility and at her fast pace....things happen. Wicca knows that she is loved and well cared for...all of your dogs are. You're devoted to them. Never feel guilty..Wicca felt pure joy when doing what she loved. Dog poop happens!

manymuddypaws said...

I know I didn't actually do it to her, but I still feel guilty.

Julie- you are totally right. Lesson learned.

I just cannot risk a back injury with her- and it is very likely to happen. We are building muscle and core strength up to help protect that but a back problem is a very real concern.

Although retirement is not what either of us want it is likely the safest bet.

I didn't mean to sound quite so dramatic about it- but my guilt is very real.

Diane (Cardi worshipper!) said...

Amanda, when I read through your Wicca update, I recognized the emotions and anxieties I have experienced in dealing with Kiwi's back injury. I agree with the folks who point out that the agility and many other activities you've engaged in with Wicca have made her life very special. You are a wonderful guardian and you will bring Wicca back to the best level of fitness she can possibly enjoy. And you will always find ways to play and learn together.

Raelyn said...

Wow, it sounds like you could use some ENCOURAGEMENT right about now, Amanda!! So here goes:
THANK-YOU for this INFORMATIVE blog post!! My Rose enjoys digging, as well. Not OUTSIDE, but "digging" nonetheless. She does it to her dog pillow, PLUS my bed blankets. Digging stretches SHOULDER muscles? I THOUGHT so.... Nice to know!! ;op
And, to quote Tom Hanks' character on "Apolo 13": "Stop kicking yourself in the ass." But, I UNDERSTAND your guilt. We ALL do.