Saturday, December 10, 2011

Herding Lesson #4

Last weekend Brit and I had another herding lesson. With my crazy week I had no time, or motivation to blog about it. But now, I do. :)

I am sure I have forgotten some things (which is why I try and blog right away)...

Anyway- Brit always starts out fast and hard. Straight at the sheep, and doesn't square off on her outruns. I had to really put pressure on her to fix that. And then she is fine again. Her outruns continue to get better. Once she settles into herself she works well but that start is always a bit rough...  But, I appreciate her enthusiasm though. I like a little naughty. :)

We worked on her flanks a bit- she is pretty good now, although definitely prefers one side of the other.

Most of the time was spent on her walk up- she was really struggling with this. Which I find funny- if I let her she would stare and walk up on Pixel all day. Anyway- Jenny got it sorted out by letting her get to the top and then stopping her. And then walking up. Breaking it down seemed to help Brit understand what we wanted.

It was a great lesson. I came home excited about the progress, and already looking forward to the next lesson.

Things I learned:

That Lie Down is like a reset button. Useful for Brit's walk up. So when she gets to the top (12) I can stop her if I think she is going to keep flanking around them.

"There" is helpful in teaching her when to stop weaving back and forth like a drunk.

And uh, that's all I remember. I am pretty sure I am missing something but it escapes me at the moment.

PS. These photos were from when I brought Wendy with me a few lessons ago. I went alone, no photos or video this time. ;)


onecollie said...

LOL!! I was just going to ask who took the pictures ! I thought maybe you were really talented :)

K-Koira said...

I like the new blog layout, but thought I might mention that the white-on-black of the text is super hard to read for most people with reading disorders. I actually don't read long posts on any blog that posts white on black because it hurts my eyes too much.

angelofthemind said...

So glad it went well! What gorgeous pictures, even if they were from last time. :)