Monday, December 26, 2011

Herding Lesson #6

As a "Merry Christmas to Me"  Brit and I went out to Alta Pete for a lesson with Jenny this morning.

Brit did really well. We worked on her outruns a bit- she is much more confident than even a few lessons ago. We also worked on "there" combined with the walk ups. We had been using a lie down to stop her at the top, now we are changing that to "there." and getting her to walk up right away.  For now we are only asking her to walk up on balance- that will change as she advances. But for now- "there" means to walk up on the sheep towards me. I was even able to watch my sheep a bit today- to see the head turn. What seems like 12 O'Clock to me, isn't neccesarily 12 for her. Watching the sheep I was able to see that.

Jenny showed me with Laddie what it should look like eventually. It was neat to see the head snap as soon as he was told "there". Jenny wasn't even in the pen with him- he was working compltely independent of her. It was very cool.

I am pleased with the steady progress Brit and I are making. I think all this sheep stuff has really helped Brit and I to bond. She really loves it, and I am happy to be learning something new! It's nice to be the student sometimes!

No photos, or videos this time. Next time for sure.

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Ang said...

It is a lot of fun, isn't it?! I love it, but I think my Boots might be a bit too "soft" for this sport. But we are still trying. Glad you are enjoying it!!