Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whoopin' it up!

Today marks the start of our city's "Whoop Up Days." Starting off with a parade and then a fair, concerts, rodeo, etc for the rest of the week. Our agility group is doing demonstrations each day at the fair, and got to participate in the parade. This year Wicca dressed up. ;)

The saddle is a toy actually- but is made of leather and the whole works. I borrowed it from a friend. It's was totally awesome. She only wore it half way for the parade as it was custom fit for a corgi that is a bit bigger and was sliding all around. But it was super cute while it lasted! People got a big kick out of it.

Our first night of demos is over, and things went smoothly and without a hitch. People love to watch the dogs, and the dogs always provide great entertainment. :)

Thanks for the awesome photo Sarah!


Taryn said...

What a cute picture! I love that little saddle! And what a good girl Wicca is posing with the reins (or whatever) in her mouth.

Jenny Glen said...

Awesome costume! Wish I could have joined you this year!

Raelyn said...

SARAH snapped that ADORABLE picture of Wicca?! Well, I have to give credit to whom credit is due.... It's a GREAT photograh!! ;)

Gay Harley said...

Oh my heavens. Wicca, you are such a little trooper!