Thursday, August 25, 2011

by a hair...

CKC agility is a lot more lenient as far as Qing goes. In Novice and Intermediate you can still qualify even with faults. I always forget about that so was surprised to see in my trial report this morning that Wicca did in fact earn a Q. It was close, and it was a very naughty run so she really doesn't deserve it... but it's there.


It has been a crazy week. I will almost be glad when Monday comes around. I am so tired! The Whoop Up days demos have been a ton of fun- I've taken just the corgi girls so far, but might bring Vito tonite.

I will take some photos tonite so I've got something fun to post tomorrow. :)

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Belle and Dozer said...

Congrats anyways! Always nice to be pleasantly surprised.