Sunday, August 21, 2011

Most Excellent. :)

Pixel earned her Excellent title on Saturday with two Q's back to back. I have never had a dog earn titles so fast!!! She earned her first excellent leg at the last trial and then just bang bang with the next two. She's a good girl. Although today's course she decided that she doesn't know discrimination and took not one, but two off courses. I've added that to her "weak skills" side of the chart. lol

Wicca came home with no Q's, but we had fun. Only one bar in three runs, but some missed weave entries, and some off courses. Brat.

It was a nice trial, the venue was super. It was great to run the dogs off leash, and let them swim in the canal. The dogs and I were camping not too far away so mostly it was a pretty relaxing weekend. We left early today and missed our last runs, but I needed to come home and catch up on stuff, and sleep. I am exhausted and have a long week ahead of me!

I have no video from the weekend, and only a few photos. I will post the photos I do have tomorrow. ;)

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onecollie said...

no videos !!!! :(