Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning Ramblings

It's monday. I'm tired. It doesn't bode well for the week. lol

This past weekend I taught a seminar and it was wonderful. But exhausting.  I didn't even realize how tired I was until I got home and crashed. This morning was very difficult to get up. It was super dark when I walked the dogs, and even now the sun is just starting to peek up (and it's nearly 7.) When it's dark it is even harder to get up.

I had planned to go to an Obedience seminar next weekend- it is reasonably priced (almost cheap!), and not to far away. I was in that same town this past weekend and drove by the building it's in and it's very small. I also spoke to someone else who has gone to her seminars and she said it was okay, but wouldn't go again. So now I am torn. I am so tired, a weekend at home, a pyjama day, a clean my house day- those are all things I really need. This summer has been go, go, go. I think I might just use this last weekend to chill.

Decisions Decisions...

or maybe I will go to the agility field and train my dog how to do a 
Sarah snapped this at one of the demos this past week- Pixel doesn't miss her contact, but uh, that's not quite the criteria I had planned...

so yeah, sleep saturday, clean sunday, train monday. Could be a win, win all around. 

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onecollie said...

wish you were going, but I understand about being tired :(