Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Other Show Results

The brace was the most fun- which is why I posted it first, but we had other successes too!

No Nonscents raced on Saturday night at Scenthurdle and we did pretty great. We have a new dog (Gyp) that is just learning the ropes so we had a few bobbles- but she is catching on pretty quickly. Our other dogs went through the same thing when we first started so we understand completely! Even with a few bobbles it was still the most successful race yet as far as accuracy, and staying in our own lane. There were no cross overs- which was awesome, and Pixel is the only one who made a mistake. Everyone else was right on. We earned enough points for the four original dogs to earn their Scenthurdle Excellent titles!

Wicca raced on Due South both Saturday and Sunday night and did great. Saturday she was perfect, Sunday she had a few weird things. Our box loader spooked her by accident once so she was going a bit slow up to the box, and once wouldn't even go up the line! It was odd. But we got her past it and she went back to her normal self. I am not sure how many points she earned, or even what she has. I will have to find out.

Agility was awesome. Pixel Q'd 3/4 runs! She qualified in both Intermediate runs on Saturday- earned her Intermediate title after the first one, but we weren't allowed same day move ups. So we have an insurance Q.   Sunday she Q'd her first excellent run- her weaves were awesome! The second one neither of us were really in the right mood so it was a bit of a disaster. lol

I travelled with Jolene and her collies- as always it was lots of fun. We stayed at our friends place again- which was great. Lots of room for the dogs to run around, and it was nice to have space to spread out for the three days!

It usually takes me a few days to recover from a dogshow weekend but because I had so much downtime I don't feel as tired. If anything I am energized. I watched a lot of obedience this weekend and have a clear plan for Pixel's open training. I will blog about that later this week. :)


andrea said...

sounds like a lovely show :) congrats and the brace is one of the funniest and funnest things i've ever seen :)

Raelyn said...

Okay. I am TRYING to memorize the names and faces of all your dogs.Is that Wicca, Boone, Pixel and Vito sitting next to those beautiful Collies in front of the Spruce Meadows sign? ~Rose and Raelyn ;op