Friday, August 12, 2011

Go Dog Go Trial

We are hosting our own trial this weekend. Yay for local agility!!! 

Going home to sleep in my own bed each night is awesome. :) 

The trial should go smoothly, and hopefully not too stressful. 
Being able to focus on my own dogs would be great. :) 

I have the girls entered in the full weekend- 

I'd really like for Pixel to get a gamble. She is running really well, and we've been working hard on our dog walk...cross your fingers for some progress on that aspect. :) 

Wicca is still searching for that last jumpers leg, so that would be nice aswell. :)

I also have Boone entered in two events, although he has been so nervous because of all the storms I am not sure how he will run. We've been practicing a fair amount so I am hoping that he will be able to stay connected through a whole run. I miss playing agility with him. :) 

The weather gods have given us good weather- sun, and decent agility temperatures. :)

Wendy will be there taking photos, and I will try really hard to get some video. 
I haven't posted any Wicca agility videos in a while! 

I am looking forward to the trial, good company, friends, and best of all playing with my dogs. :) 


Paws on the Run said...

Will you be bringing V too? I need my Vito fix!

andrea said...

have a fabulous time- can't wait for the report :)

Crazy Cardiness said...

Hope you and all your dogs have a great weekend!