Sunday, August 14, 2011

MAD and more...

Today Pixel earned her MASTERS AGILITY DOG OF CANADA Title. In case you didn't know, THAT is awesome. :)

The whole weekend really was pretty great. The weather was good (although a bit hot on Saturday), and the trial went smoothly. I think people enjoyed themselves a lot, and our Go Dog Go group worked their butts off. Talk about volunteers! I rarely had to hollar for people, and if I did it was almost always the GDG group coming to save the day. Seriously awesome.

I am too tired to go into detail, and I have hours of video to look through...but here are the highlights

Wicca- was awesome, and on fire. She has not slowed down one bit, and was a good girl for most of the runs. She came home with 4 Q's- Standard, Snooker!, and two Gambles. Her saturday gamble was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Most point of all the masters dogs, and was bang on in the gamble. The other amazing thing was our jumpers run this afternoon. It felt perfect. Seriously we were in sync with one another, until she took an off course tunnel. But wait for the video, you'll see what I mean. I love that feeling, and I don't often get it with her. The Snooker cue was her 10th, and earned her Expert Bronze Snooker title.

Pixel just keeps getting better and better. She is getting faster, while still remaining consistent. She Q'd in 7 out of 8 runs. That just floors me. She is such a good girl- always listening, always in tune with me. Any screw ups are generally mine. Running her is easy. I love it. She q'd in two Masters Standards (earning her MAD!), a masters snooker, two masters jumpers!!!!, and two advanced gambles!!!! The gambles earned her AGDC (Advanced Game title), and she moves up to masters gamblers. That was a long time coming- we've been training distance really hard as that is (was!) her weakest skill.

And you want to know what made my weekend even better? Vito.
I entered Vito in three runs- two saturday and one today. Both the saturday runs (snooker and standard) he pretty well goofed around and tried to visit, and sniff the jump bars (weird. lol), but had fun and mostly ran to keep up with me. Today he RAN the Jumpers. Like was ahead of me, driving into tunnels, rear crossing like a pro. He Q'd. I am so proud of him.

More weekend details, videos, and photos to come over the next few days!


Cornerstone said...

woohoo!!!!!!! Pixel! Go Cardis : ))

penni said...

Congratulations on an awesome weekend. It's wonderful when everything comes together.

Diana said...

Sounds awesome!! Congrats!

Taryn said...

WOOHOO! CONGRATULATIONS! That has got to feel good!

Jules said...

Fabulous on all counts!! How sweet to have Pixel earn her MAD at your trial. Congrats!

andrea said...

what an amazing team you guys are

huge congrats!