Friday, August 19, 2011

More Agility?!

Not sure what I was thinking but the dogs and I are off to more agility this weekend. This time a CKC trial. We are camping, which will be fun. Actually that's the part I am looking forward to most!

Pixel is in Excellent- only two more legs to go, and Wicca is in Intermediate with two legs to go. It's funny that Pixel is more advanced than Wicca. ;)

Thanks for all the comments about Boone. Last night we had yet another huge storm. We did get some sleep though- the thunder didn't last long and was over before midnight. I tied him to me and made him sleep close and he seemed more relaxed. This morning he was happy, and eager for breakfast. :)

All the dogs are coming with me this weekend- so Boone is going to have to settle. I've frozen five kongs for him for the weekend, and am bringing some meaty bones too. Anything to keep him busy, and calm. lol

Wish us luck this weekend!


onecollie said...

Good luck, have fun, although it will probably not be possible without me there :)

Raelyn said...

Good Luck!! :-D
Another thing about Rose and fireworks: I keep my mongrel close to me as well.... Gently "Holding her hostage" until she settles down!! We have stayed up late too. Rose is not as bad as Boone, thoough.... Just HEADSTRONG!! ;op