Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Boone is EIGHT years old today! 

Yesterday the owner of his sister (Jib, on the far right) posted this photo on Facebook. I only have one baby picture of Boone so was pretty excited about this one. Boone is the dark puppy on the left. 

It has been a long, often complicated journey with Boone so far- he has been the most challenging of any dog I've ever owned but I wouldn't trade him for the world. 

I am so lucky to have him. 

His morning snuggles. 
His grunts and groans 
His "poking" habit (he likes to poke inanimate objects)
His wild bed head in the morning
His ability to make me laugh
His excitement is contagious
His happy smile when he is relaxed
His bark for the ball
How when he runs his back feet and front feet sometimes gets tangled up
His paddling for rocks in the river
His hugs. 

Happy Birthday to the Pyr Shep with the most heart. <3


Jules said...

Happy birthday, Boone!! How lucky you two are to have landed in each others' lives!

Raelyn said...

"Challenging", you say? As in like a "bad dog"? Well.... They are the BEST KIND!! (As I'm sure you already know!!) And certainly the MOST MEMORABLE!!
Happy, HAPPY birthday, Boone!! Here's to MANY, MANY MORE!!

oddman said...

Happy birthday, Boonie! - out of all your dogs, he is just my favorite. Just love the funny lil dude.

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Boone!!!!

Gay Harley said...

Happy Birthday Boone!

Nicki said...

Oh they are soooo cute!