Monday, April 04, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

I am still recovering from such a busy weekend. I could sleep for another few days easily. :)

The weekend went so well, I so proud of my dogs, my training, and my friends!

Jolene and Kort have come a long way- and he is a completely different dog than he was a year ago. Patience, and training have made him a happy, focused worker in the ring. I am so proud of Jo for sticking it out with him, even when he was a monster. :) We don't always get the dog we had hoped, but sometimes the dog we get is better than we imagined.

Kim and Bosley earned a leg towards their CDX with a beautiful run. (and High in Class!) Bosley is another dog who has not been an easy dog to train. Everyone was talking about his brilliant drops, and his retrieves, oh, and his heeling- he is a beautiful heeler when he wants to be!!! It is really starting to come together for them, and I am proud of Kim for being such a great trainer.

And my friend Donna and her dog Epic had their Novice debut and did pretty great! Epic is a whole lotta' dog and Donna does a great job with him. He earned two legs towards his CD.

Scenthurdle was a blast- we have lots of training to do, but at least we can say now that we've done it, and we know what we need to work on. We are going to train with some flyball dogs just to get dogs in the next lane as that really was the issue.

I love dog show weekends on a whole too- the visiting is always great, I had a chance to visit people I only see once in a while. It was nice to talk dog. :) And traveling with Jolene is awesome. She is seriously the funniest person I know. She carried on a conversation in french with the radio. The thing is she doesn't know french. Uh Huh. This went on until I couldn't breathe and threatened to pee my pants unless she stopped. It helps that our dogs get along so well too- hanging out in the room was fun!

And I also need to mention a thanks to my friends who watched my other dogs. Jen and I traded dogsitting so she got Brit this weekend. I was a little worried to leave her but Jen said she had a great time. I think it is good for dogs to spend the odd time away from home so I am sure it was a good experience for her. And the boys went to Wendy's where Vito was a pest with the cat(s), and Boone became a snowman. :) Check out Crazy and Little for fun pics.

Thanks Guys for taking such good care of the beasts! I appreciate it!


WigglyZack said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!

Jenilee said...

It was absolutely my pleasure...and Neena says when is Brit coming back:). Hopefully next time the weather cooperates and the girlies can really play!!!

onecollie said...

I wouldn't have come as far with Kort if it hadn't been for you, seriously ... I may have given up ....
you are also awesome to travel with, always a blast isn't it, can't wait for Medicine Hat !!!!!