Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Scenthurdle Debut

Scenthurdle was exhausting. LOL. It started around 6 after Best in Show, and didn't end until close to 11. Serious. That is a very long day.

But it was worth it and a lot of fun. It was our local teams Debut run and although it was a bit rocky to start the dogs improved as we went along. At first the dogs were a bit confused as to what they were supposed to do. It was like they'd never been trained or something. lol. We had some crossing over to the other dogs lanes, we had incorrect retrieves, we had missed jumps, we had extra jumps, and just about everything that they could do wrong they did. :) But ya gotta start somewhere!!

Once they got their groove they were great. Pixel was super and just had a few little flubs. I think with the excitment she had a hard time scenting and brought back the wrong dumbbell once, and another time didn't find hers in our box so went to look in the next lanes box. Ooops. lol

We came away with lots of great tips and ideas as to how to make our dogs more confident, and some good training ideas aswell. We are going to set up some practices with some Flyball people as they are the most similiar sport to Scenthurdle. That should at least duplicate the double lanes!

Anyway here is some video for you viewing pleasure. :)

Wicca is on a Southern Alberta team called Due South. That team is made up of half old pros (like Wicca) and newbies so we were a bit more succesful than No Nonscents. Wicca was on her "A" game and didn't make an error all night. She did second guess a few times but never brough back the wrong dummy. I am not sure how many points she earned. I imagine I will find out this week sometime.

And Pixels team- No Nonscents. Check out our fancy vests. :)

And some No NonScents Bloopers to make you laugh..

p.s the cardigan at 1.26 on the bloopers video in the close lane is related to Wicca. They have the same sire. His name is Henry and he is super cute!


Lani said...

Thanks for posting the videos of scenthurdle. I've never seen it before, and it looks like a lot of fun.

Has it helped Wicca find her articles in Utility faster, or is this just too different to carry over?

K-Koira said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if a flyball trained dog has an advantage, or if it is just too different.

Dawn said...

Oh gosh that looks like fun. Thanks for sharing the bloopers they were cute.

K9-CRAZY said...

Yes, thanks for posting those videos! I've never seen scenthurdling before either and it looks like a lot of fun.

Flyball has never interested me but this sport does.

Diana said...

Pixel is very cute. I love how she has to test the different dumbells to see which one feels just right. LOL