Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meeting the Vet

I took Brit to the vet yesterday for the first time since I've had her. I wanted to just get a check up, and for her to meet my vet. Also- one night last week I heard her licking herself a lot so I lifted up her leg and saw that she was actually leaking urine.


She hasn't done it again (that I know of) and there has been only one suspect wet spot since. But it was small and could have been Boone licking the dog bed (which he does, all the time...)

Anyway, I wanted to ask my vet about it. She thinks that Brit is too young to be incontinent, although it can happen. So we are going to rule out an infection and go from there. I am not too worried about it though- as it has only been once.

Brit was awesome at the clinic though- we did sit/stands/downs in the waiting room, and then I had her up on the table for cookies while we waited for the vet. She was happy, and relaxed for most of the exam (except for the temperature taking, and while the vet was looking at her vulva...) But hey, who can blame her?  :)

She is going in tomorrow so they can get a sterile urine sample, and we should have results back right away. I suspect that I am over-reacting, but figured it was a good time to meet the vet anyway.


K-Koira said...

Good girl at the vet. Hopefully the urine thing is nothing.

BorderWars said...

Is she spayed? This could easily be spay incontinence. It happened to my Gemma who is only 3. She would occasionally wet in her sleep. I didn't notice until she did it at my feet (heard her cleaning herself). Then, upon further inquiry I found spotting on the inside cushion of her dog bed and on the bottom of the mattress topper on my own bed. Heh, do you know how hard it is to wash and dry a king size memory foam topper!
You can treat this with D.E.S. (diethylstilbestrol) or tofu. Both are hormone replacements.

Jules said...

I hope you get some answers with today's appointment!