Friday, April 08, 2011

Weekend Plans

I was supposed to go to an agility trial this weekend- but the arena it was in flooded. As in under water for the last week or so. We just found out on Wednesday it was cancelled though. I guess they were hoping that the two feet of water would evaporate in a few days, or something. In any case I managed to get a last minute working spot in a seminar on Saturday instead! I am pretty stoked about it- I had looked at it when the information came out but had already entered this trial. So it must have been meant to be or something.

The seminar is being taught by Cheryl Bartlett from Saskatchewan. She has been doing agility forever, and seems to have kept up with the trends and such. I know she and a few other well known canadian instructors do a big Puppy Camp thing every year, and I have heard good things about her sessions. I figured this would be a good opportunity- only a few hours away, and for a good price.

I am signed up for the morning foundation seminar, and the afternoon distance seminar. I am going to take Brit in the morning- which is exciting!!! I am sure it will be lots of the same things that I have been doing, but it will be good to see how she does in a class setting, and maybe get some pointers for her obsession with moving things.. (we won't talk about the recall that almost wasn't-  last night when a sheltie ran

 And Pixel for the afternoon. I may bring Wicca as back up in case the dogs are worked a lot. Pixel doesn't do well with lots of agility. I have until morning to decide. Pixel definitely needs the distance help though- she is not overly confident with her gambles, and my timing needs to be better with her. She doesn't react as fast as Wicca at a distance so the last few gambles have been NQ's because of me. I am hoping to get some good pointers.

Sunday will be spent doing laundry, and yard work. Going to put away the shovel. :)


Paws on the Run said...

I'm so glad you have most of the day dedicated to the shovel. You'll need it. ;) Have fun tomorrow!

Dawn said...

Have fun! Sounds like a full weekend!

Penny said...

Hey - we didn't cancel until Wed cause we thought we had another arena to hold the trial, but sadly, it didn't get approved...