Friday, April 01, 2011

Outside the Box

Last night at class I was telling students to be sure to think outside the box, consider all options, don't just blindly do what the person ahead of you is doing, think for yourself. It is great advice, for agility, and for just real life. (I should add that that does not mean putting in crosses just for the sake of putting in crosses...sometimes it is as simple as it looks...)

The students did pretty great with that advice, and I could see them really pushing themselves and their dogs. It may not have been comfortable at first, and it certainly wasn't easy- but the effect on their dogs was noticeable. Sometimes trying something that is new or difficult can be scary- as humans I think our first reaction is to say no and stick with old faithful. It is easy to fall into the doing the same old thing...

In any case I was thinking about that more last night as I was walking the dogs- I think it is important to not only challenge ourselves on a regular basis but to think outside the norm on a regular basis as well. Sometimes when you step outside of your comfort zone great things can happen. 

Take for instance the fact that I have signed up for a tracking seminar. <gasp!> I have never been all that interested in tracking, nor am I sure that I am interested even now- but I figure that it could be fun, I am sure to learn some new things, and if I can come home with one bit of information (even to apply to other areas of my training) then it will have been worth it. I am trying to broaden my horizons so to speak. Agility is great fun, and I do love it but it isn't everything and it is nice to "get out of the box" once in a while. In any case it will be nice to try something new! 

I am going to challenge myself to think outside the box more, and be open to new ideas and things, even to try something new- maybe a non dog related activity?! Scary. :)

This weekend we are off to Red Deer to do some Rally, and Scenthurdle. I am very excited and looking forward to racing. The Rally will be fun too, but the main point is Scenthurdle. I am hoping to snag a bystander to video our teams races so will have some video to post on Sunday! 

Have a good weekend everyone! (oh, and just so you all know that winter is coming back to alberta already. they are calling for 21CM tomorrow...that is nuts. I guess our one day of spring was all we are getting...)

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