Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am loving our spring weather. Almost every day for the past week I have gone out and trained the dogs after work. It has been awesome. We vary what we work on- sometimes obedience, sometimes agility, or just a few tricks. The dogs are even more excited when I get home because they know what's coming.

Each of the dogs have their own little things that we are working on. I have a big yard so can do quite a bit of stuff. For agility I only have a few jumps, and weaves, and an old tunnel for equipment but we do lots with that.

Here's what we've been working on lately...

Wicca- working on rear crosses. She does still flick the wrong way (or just pull off) sometimes so I have been working on jump commitment, and tight rear crosses. Obedience wise all we do is her "Mat" work. We're going to get those stays some day. lol.

Boone- not much agility, mostly some two jump drills with super high rewards. Working mostly on obedience and focus with him right now. He doesn't have sustained eye contact so we are working on that.

Vito- tricks, and weaves. He doesn't really "do" agility but I will likely enter him at our trial this summer and it would be nice if he could weave twelve poles. His weave training is very short, and with a huge party at the end. It is exhausting. lol. But he is really driving into the poles now so it's helping. He is learning a few new tricks too.

Pixel- can you say broadjump? lol. I just blogged about that so won't go into much detail. Agility wise we are working on directionals, and distance. She is getting pretty good, and it has been noticeable in class so I am happy.

Brit- running with me, retrieving, and building value for the food toy. We just started some one jump stuff the other day. We also have just started eye contact stuff for heeling. She loves to stare at me so I think she will be an awesome heeler. :)

So all of that usually takes up about an hour after work, and then we go for a walk (split in two groups), and then whatever is planned for the evening. It's a good thing I love training!

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