Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Weekend

The dogs and I have had a pretty busy weekend...

Yesterday the Childrens Festival filled the entire day. It was great though- the dogs had fun, and I think that the people were pretty entertained. My dogs performed a lot- and were very tired last night!

Wicca did her trick. It was awesome. :) Boone had a TON of fun doing all his tricks. He wasn't nervous at all, and really seemed to enjoy himeself. It was so nice to see him so happy doing stuff. And Pixel did Scenthurdle. Also Wicca and Pixel parrticipated in the agility demo. I put together a montage of some of the festivities. I will do Wicca and Boone's trick videos seperately tomorrow...You do get to see the best part of Wicca's tricks in the montage though... :)

Today the dogs let me sleep in until 9!!! It was amazing. lol. Then we went for a nice walk in the fresh snow (again!), and then off to scenthurdle practice...Where we blew the scenthurdle dogs brains by racing against flyball dogs. lol. It was completely chaotic. But- if they can race against that they should be able to race against quiet scent dogs.. Now to get them actually to do their job even with the flyball dogs in the next lane...It's going to take some work.

Now I am home with the dogs chilling out. Tomorrow is Monday. I hate that. lol

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Krystal said...

awesome job guys! VERY impressive work!!