Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holy Cat Batman!!!

Bruce (the cat) is named after Bruce Wayne (i.e Batman) He was named so because at the time he was my hero, the big scary mouse killer that saved my sanity. :) I am forever indebted to him. Now that we are in a new, mouse free house he doesn't really have a job other than lap warmer and dog torturer...But it's a rough job.

I thought he needed a side kick- enter Robin. (or Robbie as he will be called)
Is he not the cutest kitten ever? Robbie was born to a stray momma and was being taken care of by a nice family. He is an older kitten, about 3 months old and is already a giant. I think he's gonna outgrow Bruce. But the bigger the better for a sidekick right?!!

So far the two just sit and stare at one another. I am not sure that Bruce is impressed with his sidekick or not, but I assured him he will learn to love him. :)

p.s The pictures are crap. I was in a hurry. Better ones in the next few days I promise!


Shep said...

Oh how adorable!!! Both of them are adorable - and I LOVE their names. XD <3

Poor Bruce. He does not probably find Robbie too pleasing yet.

You have gorgeous kitties!!!!

onecollie said...

Robbie has gotten even cuter then when I first saw him !!
He does look huge in this picture !