Friday, June 22, 2012

Randomness that isn't about herding...

I swear that the dogs and I do more than just drive out to various Sheepie places. It just seems that way cause that's all I blog about. Here is a list of non-sheep things that we did this week:

the dogs went swimming- three times! 
the dogs got hosed off- 3.5 times (vito rolled in poo...)
we went to two different parks and did some obedience
pixel is learning signals. she doesn't get it. 
boone is working on some new tricks for demo season
i mowed the lawn. the dogs watched. 
i went through all my clothes and had two garbage bags of stuff to show for it. I wear the same 10 shirts over and over again so why I need anymore than that I am not sure. 
bought some groceries, and actually COOKED on my stove. It was just Kraft Dinner but still...

Busy week eh? It went by pretty fast when you combine that with three nights of teaching, and a real job in the day. I can't even believe it is the end of June already. 

Today would have been my Grandma's Birthday. I miss her so much. I will call my Grampa today. 

My mother is the most frustrating person in the world. Serious. If I wasn't so annoyed I'd give up. 

This weekend is a busy one, although I should be able to have one sleep in day. 
Some meetings, some obedience training, some fun dates with friends... and I am going h-e-r-d-i-n-g on Sunday, although I won't talk about how excited I am about that cause this post isn't about that.....

I've got some new Private lessons scheduled this weekend. Should be interesting. I'm almost done my training website. To make it more official like and stuff. I hate writing about myself in the third person. It's weird. And even more than that I hate trying to write about how awesome I am. lol. It's also weird. 

I have two weeks to round up enough stuff for a raffle table for my kennel clubs agility trial. Anyone wanna give stuff? lol. I'm going to work on that this weekend as well. 

And that wraps up some randomness for a Friday morning. I've included a Herding photo from the trial last weekend. It pays to be friends with the photographer, although I hear that the photos will be up this weekend...  ;)


Taryn said...

I'm tired just reading about so many goings-on! Have a nice weekend!

Jenny Glen said...

You mean there is actually other things in life besides herding and sheep? I don't believe it.
You are like Scott with your website. He hates when I promote him.